All guests of the Hotel Majoni, during their stay, have a place reserved for all the events organized by the Miramonti Majestic Grand Hotel, also part of the Geturhotels group.

Furthermore, guests can share the aperitif directly with the author of the event: unique moments of conviviality that everyone will be pleased to tell and remember.

Miralibro was born in 2012: the cultural association baptized by Geturhotels, which, in collaboration with "Una Montagna di Libri" and "Cortina Terzo Millennio", organizes, manages and presents major events in both winter and summer in Cortina and which has made the Miramonti the ideal stage for writers, artists, exponents of culture and entertainment, especially when the news goes on vacation.

Countless Italian and international personalities have stayed in this historic and fascinating hotel, presented their books, discussed important issues ... In the magical atmosphere that the Miramonti can give to those who stay there, they have rediscovered their well-being and discovered the emotion to experience moments of absolute freedom in total privacy. They have left their signature in the book of memories that the Miramonti jealously keeps in its sumptuous hall.

Over the years there are numerous cultural and artistic events presented at the Miramonti and this prestigious tradition continues from season to season.

All that remains is to experience the emotion ... Experience a holiday at the Hotel Majoni.


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